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What is PixelDrive 2?

PixelDrive 2 uses all of PixelDrive's powerful mapping qualities and adds new functionality and heaps of enhancements.

PixelDrive 2 New Features:

Enhanced features from PixelDrive 1:

*restricted to 800 x 600 in Personal Edition
**not available in Personal Edition
*** restricted to 2/4/8 output lines in Personal Edition

What is PixelDrive 2 Personal Edition?

The Personal Edition allows designers and smaller scale users to use the majority of PixelDrive 2 features at a reduced cost. It can also be used to design larger shows before hiring in a full system.
The features of PixelDrive 2 Personal Edition include:

What's the difference if I buy or hire a full system ?


How much does the Personal Edition cost?
PixelDrive 2 Personal Edition is available at just £750.
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An evaluation version of PixelDrive 2 is available from our download area.
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